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Beldray LA067593UFEU7



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Descriere Beldray LA067593UFEU7 de la Beldray

 Beldray LA067593UFEU7 clean and fresh microfibre scrubber cleaning pads, 4 pack
Allow cleaning to become wonderfully easy with these Beldray clean and fresh cleaning pads, supplied in a pack of four.
Pads contain the antimicrobial ingredient of zinc pyrithione to resist staining and bacteria build-up to keep them fresher for longer.
Each scrubbing pad is double-sided, so you can use the abrasive side to easily scrub away tough stains, grease and stubborn dirt.
Alternatively, use the softer side for gently cleaning glassware or tableware and for wiping down a variety of household surfaces.
Treated with antibacterial protection, these cleaning pads are designed with an ergonomic shape that fits your palm for comfortable use.

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